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Top of Massage Modalities


PLEASE NOTE: All modalities require an intake interview and patient evaluation so that we understand each other's position in the place and path of healing. All will be revealed in good time. Policy and Fee information can be found here.
Swedish Massage


This is a massage that realigns deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues resulting from injuries and disease. This technique focuses on:

  • improving circulation and reducing inflammation

  • breaking up adhesions and eliminating scar tissues

  • treating sore neck, backs and limbs

  • and the releases of toxins in muscle and connective tissues



This technique that's been around for over 100 years is performed with oil or special creams using long strokes along the muscles or short taps along “stuck” areas to improve circulation and  digestion, take you to deep states of relaxation, and a feeling of well-being,plus a renewed awareness of your physical body.  With a thorough knowledge of anatomy Swedish can be used as a Medical Massage as in following surgery, rehabilitation, after a long illness, for acute  and chronic conditions including:

  • tennis elbow

  • frozen shoulder

  • plantar fascitis

  • sprained ankle

  • sore muscles from over exercising

  • insomnia

  • general fatique and low energy

  • constipation and poor digestion

  • chronic bowel conditions

Back Massage


This is a most effective skeletal-muscular therapy that is done with deep sculpting techniques using hands and special tools to “liberate” the tissues frozen or “asleep” after injury or trauma. Conditions that benefit from Mongolian Massage include:

  • back aches

  • neck pain and loss of range of motion

  • frozen shoulders

  • foot and leg pain

  • breathing problems

  • problems with “grounding”

  • fear of dying, fear of falling

  • lack of self awareness

Woman facial.jpg


Facials include deep sculpting massage, rolling massage, acupressure, and lymphatic drainage.   They can result in beautification and revitalization of the face. The results of the facial are permanent. The conditions that are improved by my facials include: 

  • sinusitis

  • aging and wrinkles

  • bags under the eyes

  • emotional traumas

  • dental traumas

  • headaches

Infant massage.jpg


This gentle massage is offered for babies 6 weeks and older and can be taught to you or your child caregiver.  It is a gentle series of stretches, effleurage, and stimulation of certain areas to aid in circulation and remove stress from the birthing process and to bond with the energetic and physical aspects of your child.  It addresses:

  • birth traumas

  • colic and indigestion

  • acute and chronic pain

Reiki Treatment


This is a gentle hands-on technique that stimulates the immune system and activates circulation of the janitorial system of the body. Results can be seen immediately with reduction of swelling, detoxing, and regeneration of tissues and energy.  Best used 12 hours before major surgery.  Benefits include:

  • reduction in swelling and stretch marks

  • detoxing tissues and reducing scar tissue

  • anti-aging with reducing wrinkles

  • relief of chronic pain

  • deep relaxation

  • elimination of cellulitis and old fat cells

Zero Balancing Pic.jpg


Zero Balancing is a hands-on technique that is designed to align your energy body with your physical structure. It is practiced with a special touch to open the pathways of energy flow through the bones after injuries, operations, and disease.  Benefits include:

  • relief of physical and mental pain

  • increased awareness of wholeness and well-being

  • recovery of vitality

  • support for change and growth

  • maintenance of optimal health

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