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PLEASE NOTE: All modalities require an intake interview and patient evaluation so that we understand each other's position in the place and path of healing. All will be revealed in good time. Policy and Fee information can be found here.


A gentle therapy for working with the cranial membranes and the hydraulic system of the cerbralspinal fluid, it treats:

  • migraines

  • chronic neck and back pain

  • colic

  • traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries

  • learning disaabilities

  • chronic fatique

  • emotional difficulties

  • stress and tension-related problems

  • TMJ

  • PTSD

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An advanced therapy that addresses specific structures of the brain and spinal cord to improve a range of issues. It was developed and is taught exclusively by Dr. Bruno Chikly of the Chikly Health Institute. This technique addresses:

  • tennis elbow

  • frozen shoulder

  • plantar fascitis

  • sprained ankle

  • sore muscles from over exercising

  • insomnia

  • general fatique and low energy

  • constipation and poor digestion

  • chronic bowel conditions

Visceral Manipulation


This is a gentle hands-on technique that works with the vital organs through their tissues and ligaments, to find and resolve adhesions, lack of motion, and irritation that can set the stage for disease and dysfunction.  We work with the heart, lungs, gall bladder, liver, stomach, bowels, bladder and kidneys to bring new “harmony” to the body's physiology. Some conditions that may benefit:

  • liver and gall bladder problems

  • indigestion

  • incontinence

  • constipation

  • reflux and heart burn

  • hernias

  • asthma

  • flatulence

  • lower back pain



This is an ancient and natural method to clean out excess wax from the ear canals. Things to know:

  • There is a $25 fee per ear for the treatment.

  • Recommended several times a year for both ears

  • May be added to regular massage session



No health claims for any products are made by the manufacturer or retailer of the candles. I do not represent candling to prevent, cure, or alleviate any specific disease or condition. Nor do I assume any liability for negative results believed to occur from ear candling. Everyone’s body is different and I do not claim the same results will be experienced by all. This is a home remedy and you may wish to consult your personal physician before using. When physical problems arise, each individual must accept the responsibility of choosing one’s doctor and the methods of treatment.


CAUTION:Not recommended for people with tubes in their ears, punctured eardrums, or those who have had recent surgery in the ears.

Spinal Release


After many injuries, traumas, or accidents the body's anatomical center of gravity found at L1-S1 can be displaced causing all the muscles along the spine, rib cage, and neck to try to stabilize us by compensating with tension, adhesions, and hypertonic contractions.  Over time this condition can lead to bad posture, weak back, stiff neck, etc. In this pain-free session after several diagnostic measures, the true center of gravity can be reinstated.  A minimum of 2 treatments and a maximum of 4 are required to insure permanent correction.

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Aroma Therapy is one of the oldest healing techniques on the earth. Ancient people knew that different essences of plants could help heal disease, resolve wounds, improve general health, soothe emotional problems, aid the immune system, and much more.


I use only the purest of essential oils in my practice because their molecular properties are in tact and can quickly enter the blood stream with their various healing properties. The fact that the oils also smell good is a fringe benefit! I use various oils during the course of all my treatments, with the client’s permission at no additional cost. For example, lemon grass helps the ligaments; and marjoram helps the muscles. Lavender and Peppermint have long been used as anti-inflammatory agents, etc.


Aroma Therapy is useful for so many conditions that I will not enumerate them. Products are also available for sale through me at Young Living Essential Oils.

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We provide other healing services to help you live a healthy and productive life, and assist others to learn their Earth lessons and to realize their full potential as citizens of our planet. Please visit our companion website, Catskill Mountain Spirit for the Energy Healing, Spirit Work, and Shamanic Ceremonies we provide.

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